A special thanks to our artists for believing in us by joining our team. They are professionals that happen to have the talent, but don't have the opportunity to show what they can do. That is where DBP comes in the picture to give them that opportunity. Our music is about being original, and trying not to sample as much as possible. We love music, and we wish to take it to the next level.

Sir Twin is a great artist, and he has a lot of talent and promising future in music. He writes his lyrics on the spot.

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BDub aka JR Butterworth, is another artist that loves what he does. He is from baltimore city, and loves to address issues about the city he loves so dearly. In his album "From the heart" coming up soon, he addresses the issue of killings and more.

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JSB is an entertainer that currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland; an Artist from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. He is an Afro-Beat and dancehall sensational artist, stand-up comedian, Master of Ceremony (MC), and actor. He is the host of Red Carpet Nigeria Media (RCN)

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I am Priye Herbert, an independent artist with Da Blessing Production.¬† I have Three pet peeves I would want share with you include:I. I hate people downgrading others¬†II. I really don’t like deceiving people I would do a particular thing for them when I know deep in my heart I wouldn’t,I love coming clean, though sometimes it doesn’t yield positive results. III. I can handle naysayers,but telling lies about someone turns me off.